In late 1999, Landmine Design was founded as a secret nongovernmental UFO Defense agency charged with tracking and deterring the recent influx of alien infiltration attempts. With government funding and a team of brilliant scientists and engineers, Landmine was able to hold at bay the alien threat. By capturing alien technology we were not only able to understand their revolutionary science, we mastered the new technology as well. Weapons, vehicles and psy-telecommunications devices were developed using this new hybrid technology, and with the team of Landmine leathernecks the company thwarted the alien menace, destroying the core mother hivemind in an extremely dangerous mission in which many brave soldiers perished. The alien menace was vanquished once and for all.

Expecting to be greeted with a ticker tape parade, the company was devastated to find that the public was unaware of the alien threat, and the government was denying all knowledge of Landmine's existence, and all funding was immediately cut. With the UFO's taken care of Landmine Design was out of work...

Graphic design and web development was the next logical step. Although cuts had to be made, the core team remained, and since 1999 the company has been providing marketing solutions to companies of all sizes in a wide range of industries. Utilizing what was learned from the extraterrestrials we are able to accomplish projects at speeds impossible to normal humans. Our understanding of psionics allows us to actually read clients' minds to ensure they get exactly what they are looking for. We've learned to approach problems and solve them using somewhat unconventional ideas.