Application for Leasing or Rental Property

The undersigned hereby submits the following information as an application to lease/rent.

NOTE: This application is not a lease or binding contract to a lease.

Section 1. Information regarding the Applicant and Occupants:

Do you currently:

Section 2. Financial Information

Debts or Obligations (List Creditor and Amount)

Section 3. Applicant(s), by checking the box below, agrees and consents to:

  • Provide Landlord with employment letter, if necessary.
  • Allowing Phoenix Property Management to secure a credit/criminal and complete background check using any one of the three major credit reporting bureaus and to legally obtain any and all information that would be useful to equally and fairly evaluate Applicant.
  • Allowing Phoenix Property Management to contact above listed Landlord and references

Applicant further states:

  • Applicant will remit a $40 non refundable application fee to Phoenix Property Mgt
  • Applicant represents and warrants that the preceding information is a complete and accurate representation of all facts
  • Applicant acknowledges Phoenix Property Mgt will not share and/or sell any of the above information to outside or third party companies. This information above will be kept strictly confidential unless otherwise court ordered.

Upon submission of this form you will be directed to complete your application by submitting your $40 non refundable application fee.