Phoenix can help you with property management. rehab. consulting. real estate. financial services. legal fees.

Our experienced staff believes in a hands-on, personal approach to property management. We recognize that each property has individual requirements and we tailor our management program to meet those special needs. Through our experienced and result driven approach. We provide outstanding value and service to all properties that we manage, while always striving to maintain the comfort, beauty, and safety of each property/community we serve.

Who We Are

Phoenix Property Management is a full service management company with experience in real estate, financial services, property management, rehab, consulting and legal fees. Management fees are 8.5% of monthly rent. Apartment & condo costs vary, depending on how many units. There are no set up fees or additional hidden charges for maintenance. Our experience and expertise will keep your property running smoothly by controlling expenses and making it appealing to current and prospective buyers and tenants. We strive for better solutions for you.

If you have not yet hired a property manager for you properties, here a few more reasons you should choose Phoenix.

  • Thorough Property Evaluation.
  • Attraction of qualified Tenants
  • Careful Tenant Screening and Selection
  • Use of Comprehensive Legal Forms for your protection
  • Provision of Rent Collection Services
  • Comprehensive Accounting Services
  • Periodic and Transitional Property Inspections
  • Repair Services and Maintenance, licensed and insured
  • Comprehensive Legal Services
  • Most importantly, we have an established reputation for Integrity, Responsibility and Conscientious Services.